"Cancer Is Terrible" Ranger Eye Set
"Cancer Is Terrible" Ranger Eye Set

"Cancer Is Terrible" Ranger Eye Set

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Drop Date: June 4th, 2022

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1.5" Wide Each

Hook Backed


Gold is the color that represents childhood cancer of any kind. That is why gold and black are the colors used in these ranger eyes. As a parent, childhood cancer is a nightmare that I can't even begin to understand how to deal with. I chose to use the first half of my logo for this design, because I really can't think of a more perfect and to the point message ...Cancer Is Terrible.

A close family friend has an 11-year-old nephew, Julian, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer last October. He went through chemo and had surgery to remove the tumor. He got an infection after the surgery and overcame that complication. Started a second round of chemo, which also didn't work. The cancer seems to be spreading and things are getting bleak for the Mom & Son family, the father passed back in 2016.

The GoFundMe, that Terrible Threads is donating 100% of the Saturday sales to, is set up in order to pursue alternative cancer treatments and the possibility of needing to cover impending funeral costs for Julian...

100% OF ALL MONEY SPENT on the Terrible Threads website this Saturday (including ALL of the shipping costs you pay) will be donated to the GoFundMe this Sunday. That includes ANY patch that is still in stock, along with the Drop happening at 1200 Noon.

The patches will still ship with tracking, I'm just covering the cost myself to maximize just how much we can send to the GoFundMe from this sale.