Behind The Seams: J+K

Behind The Seams: J+K

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Patch: "J+K"

Drop Date: November 20th, 2018

Drop Price: $12.99


This patch is a limited release of ONLY 50 PATCHES for sale ever! It comes complete with a hand numbered art card produced specifically for this patch.

Introducing the very first patch in the 'Behind The Seams' Series (J+K) in all its threaded glory!

5 inches tall
Hook & Loop Backed


Our first patch in the 'Behind The Seams' Series is of the icons duo J+K and is a derived from a set photo with Jim in full performance set up. Complete with a microphone to capture his voice during the performance. This candid photo has the two locking eyes almost as if they are communicating without words. A moment captured in a photograph that is definitely a personal favorite of mine.

So, if you're a fan from way way back, or know a kid that would love to have this for a budding patch collection, you won't want to miss this one...