'Merica: 1776, Idaho - Morale Patch
'Merica: 1776, Idaho - Morale Patch

'Merica: 1776, Idaho - Morale Patch

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Design #3: Idaho
Drop Date: March 16th, 2024
Only 76 for sale, ever 
Drop Price: $20.99

'Merica: 1776, even though the United States didn't have the boarders and states we do now, the land was all there, undiscovered by colonists. This map shows just what the land looked like back then, untouched by cities and modern living.

Patch Specs:
- Over 6" Wide Diagonally
- Hook Backed

When combined with the rest of this 'MERICA series, it will be one of an interlocking patch set measuring in at 30 inches from East To West Coast!