'Merica: 1776 Moonlit, Utah - Morale Patch

'Merica: 1776 Moonlit, Utah - Morale Patch

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Design #6: Utah
Drop Date: April 6th, 2024
Only 25 for sale, ever
Drop Price: $21.99

Patch Specs:
- Over 4" Wide Diagonally
- Hook Backed
'Merica: 1776 Moonlit, showcases the same untouched land as lit by the moon and nothing else. No cityscapes, no highways, no light pollution at all! There is something about camping out past where any man-made light can touch. This map is for those of us who love Moonlit landscapes.

When combined with the rest of this 'MERICA series, it will be one of an interlocking patch set measuring in at 30 inches from East To West Coast!