'Merica: BIG Naturals! Louisiana - Morale Patch

'Merica: BIG Naturals! Louisiana - Morale Patch

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Design #8: Louisiana
Drop Date: June 29th, 2024
Only 75 for sale, ever 
Drop Price: $20.99

Patch Specs:
- Just Over 4.5" Wide Diagonally!
- Hook Backed
- Made To Interlock With All Other Patches Produced In This Series To Make A HUGE 30" Map Once Completed!

The 'Merica: BIG Naturals! Louisiana patch design shows off the beauty of Louisiana's Bruin State Park captured in this meticulously embroidered patch. Featuring the park's iconic sunset reflecting off of Lake Bruin, this patch is a perfect blend of vibrant colors and intricate details. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who cherishes nature's tranquility, it's a must-have addition to your collection. Use the hook and loop attached to the back and carry it on your backpack, jacket, or hat. Carry a piece of Louisiana's natural splendor wherever you go!

'Merica: BIG Naturals! This map will highlight an extraordinary, and Large, natural landmark from within the selected state for each drop. BIG Natural landmarks are not only a tourist attraction, but also define the culture and help act as a touchstone of history. The stitching style of these give the feeling of each design being painted edge to edge with embroidery!