'MERICA: E Pluribus Unum / Maine
'MERICA: E Pluribus Unum / Maine

'MERICA: E Pluribus Unum / Maine

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--- Limit 3 Per Person ---

****UNLESS (I repeat UNLESS)****

The mailing address it ships to is in Maine, then (and only then) you are allowed a **Limit of 4**


Patch Design #50: "Maine"

Drop Date: June 19th, 2021

Only 100 for sale, ever 

Drop Price: $19.99

This is the LAST STATE!!!!


When combined with the rest of this 'MERICA series, it will be one of an interlocking patch set measuring in at 30 inches from East To West Coast!

Each state in this series will be an individual patch, so the 'MERICA: E Pluribus Unum Series will have 50 total patches!