'Merica: Road Trip / New Hampshire

'Merica: Road Trip / New Hampshire

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--- Limit 3 Per Order --- 

EACH PATCH SHIPS WITH ONE OF 3 COLORWAY LOGO PIECES RANDOMLY SELECTED.  -Orders of 3 patches will ship with one of each color, guaranteed-

Design #51 (State #49): New Hampshire

Drop Date: November 26th, 2022

Only 75 for sale, ever 

Drop Price: $19.99


When combined with the rest of this 'MERICA series, it will be one of an interlocking patch set measuring in at 30 inches from East To West Coast!

Just like the last two 'Merica Series maps, each state will have its very own individual patch. So get ready for a collection that will keep you building the greatest country in the world from coast to coast!