'MERICA Series: Northwest
'MERICA Series: Northwest

'MERICA Series: Northwest

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Patch #7: "Northwest"

Drop Date: April 13th, 2019

Drop Price: $29.99


With this, the 7th Hook & Loop Patch from the 'MERICA Series, your map will now spread from coast to coast! From top left to bottom right, this thing is 9.5 inches wide of Threaded goodness. Our largest patch yet! 

(FYI: This patch sells for more than the others in the 'MERICA Series simply to cover the cost of producing this behemoth in such a small run.)

When combined with the entire 'MERICA series, this will be part of an interlocking patch set measuring in at just about 24 inches from East To West Coast!

This patch (and all other patches from the 'MERICA Series) is very limited to only 50 for sale ever! Each patch comes with a hand numbered art card and includes a map of where the patch falls within the set.

And by the way... IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!