Terrible Threads Custom Design Work

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2nd Design = $300

3rd Design = $250


Upon purchase of the Terrible Threads Design Work, the buyer agrees to the following terms:

1 - The design purchased is for One patch design. Revisions can be made to tweak the design until the purchaser is happy with the final product. Once the final design is approved by the purchaser, we will move onto production.

2 - If later modifications to the purchased design are requested (i.e. changing colors for different versions of the same design) The purchasers agrees to a $50 dollar purchase price for the revision for a new Version of the same design.

3 - This purchase price Does Not Include the manufacturing costs of the design. The manufacturing costs of the design (patch production) will be billed to the purchaser upon upon approval of the final patch prototype / sample.

4 - The 1st draft of the design work will be completed, and delivered electronically the the purchaser, no later than 3 weeks from the purchase date. If revisions the to 1st draft design are requested, the 3 week window is extended until the purchaser is happy with the revisions and tweaks made the the design.