Threads Of War: 'MERICAN FLAG

Threads Of War: 'MERICAN FLAG

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Drop Date: April 4th, 2020

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"America means many things to many people. If you are fortunate enough to live within her boarders, then you know the full spectrum of her beauty cannot be summed up in mere words.

Derived from that beauty comes a sence of duty. A duty to protect this land and all those who live in the greatest country on planet Earth.

A small percentage of us are voluntarily charged in serving this nation, be it on foreign soil or in the streets and alleys of our hometowns. Often times this means proudly wearing the flag of our great nation into harm's way, without a moment's hesitation.

Though it is nearly impossible to string words together in such a way as to fully express our love and devotion for these United States of America. Finding the words to convey just how far we will go, and the sacrifices we will make, to protect this nation of ours is much less difficult...
You will find those words embroidered on this patch.

The Terrible Threads 'MERICAN FLAG Patch is a message to those wishing us harm; to be carried by those of us who know the full weight of its words. Encapsulated in, a modified version of, the symbol of freedom this world had never known before a more perfect union of these 50 states were formed.

Our 'MERICAN FLAG has omitted about half the stars and stripes, which makes it not an "accurate representation" of the American Flag. This is intentional, because the owners of this version of the flag are half of the equation that make our country work. They are the tip of the spear and the frontline in the defense of defenseless. Even though they are only a small percentage of the population, they are the half of our system who often work in the darkness, protecting the light. This flag patch is for them, and for those who want to show support for them. These patches are be worn and carried with the knowledge that if not for their efforts, and what they do, the others of our country would not be able to live, thrive, or survive."  

- Chris